Re: clone?

From: nemo_outis (
Date: 11/15/05

Date: 15 Nov 2005 14:34:38 GMT

"finwicke" <> wrote in news:1132031400.766611.293820

> how difficult and expensive would it be, to try and setup your own
> private network of computers similar in pattern to
> thank you!

Depends how fancy you want to get. If we're talking servers all over the
world and heavy traffic then it's a serious undertaking. But, at the other
pole, I regularly use my home computer as a tunnelled proxy to surf the
world from work - trivial to set up.


PS One option (it will likely violate the ToS for a home user but, if
traffic is low, you will likely escape detection) is to run your own Tor
node. This has the (minor) advantage of generating some cover traffic. Or
even get a bunch of friends (three is the minimum but ten would be better)
to provide a *private* Tor network - might be an amusing experiment