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From: Dustin Cook (
Date: 11/15/05

Date: 14 Nov 2005 16:20:18 -0800

Kadaitcha Man wrote:

> Who cares, Dustbin? Who cares?

But of course, you. I believe you titled this thread, "Dustbin Kook in
monumental techno-cockup.."

But er, you errored in your diagnosis of the situation. So again, How
is it you delete files in use via the console? Aren't you supposed to
be some whizbang old school programmer from way back in the day? What
about that nonsense of being unable to prove such and such running
process has access to such and such files. Someone have to email you
about that too? That's two for me, none for you.

> > They should have just listened the first
> > time. Christ, if antivirus companies tell you I'm Raid, and they
> > should know, they've seen alot of my handywork, who else has to say
> > so before it's taken as truth? God himself? Hehe.
> Who cares, Dustbin? Who cares?

LoL. That's all you have to come at me with now? You can't even tear me
apart anymore? Hahaha.. The jokes on you isn't it, troll. Of course, it
was since I replied to you.

> Damn that Dissociative Identity Disorder of yours, eh, Dustbin.

I wouldn't know much about it. I've never been to a shrink, and I don't
have books on the subjects. I'm suspecting you have and do however. Did
your motorcycle accident have anything to do with it?

Are you angry at the world because you can't get it up anymore? Is pure
misguided hatred what controls you, KM?

Dustin Cook