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From: Peter J Ross (
Date: 11/14/05

Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 20:20:19 GMT

On 14 Nov 2005 11:45:29 -0800, Dustin Cook
<> wrote in alt.usenet.kooks:

> Peter J Ross wrote:
>> I prophesy a Foam Duck Award in your future, Clueless Newbie
>> nominee.
> So you can't find anything incorrect about my post with regard to
> the explorer process..

I have no interest in your opinions, or anybody else's, about the
workings of a broken OS.

> and yet your calling me a newbie?

A clueless newbie, as defined in the FAQ.

> I suppose AUK allows any idiot to post and declare awards, don't
> they?

AUK is, and always has been, a benevolent dictatorship, not a
democracy, clueless newbie.

PJR :-)

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