Re: The slurp heard round the world

From: Dustin Cook (
Date: 11/14/05

Date: 14 Nov 2005 11:13:31 -0800

relic wrote:

> If you plan on following along, note that "Dustbin Kook the .NetLo0n" has
> since changed his nick a couple of times: "" and
> most recently, "Gremlin".

changed my nick? Umm, relic; this kinda goes without saying, but the
email address "" has been in every single
post I've made. The Gremlin is the default on google when I subscribe
to new groups. (My default, I didn't think it would be a good idea to
post as Raid with regard to my malware removal utility. The handle raid
in vx terms still has a stigma. I wanted my legit program to be judged
on it's merits alone, not my past coding projects. It's a simple
oversite on my part, I didn't type my real name in a couple of groups
I'm subscribed to, so when I post, it shows from Gremlin - with as the email address.

My real name is Dustin Cook, I don't know why thats so difficult for
you to spell. Or is it somehow supposed to annoy me when you rename it
like some school kid taunting another? I am the former virus writer
known as Raid/SLAM. I don't think anybody doubts this anymore tho, as
I've provided more then enough evidence for any of you to verify it.

I don't need to resort to renaming your nick, adding characters, etc. I
can attack you purely with logic, with code.. It's much more effective.
Anybody can taunt. :)

I notice you've recently changed your sig. I don't remember where it
comes from, but I know you stole it from a movie or a tune... And whats
with this relic nick of yours? Did you like that lame movie that much?

Dustin Cook