Re: Fwd: unable to install fonts on winMe

From: Fred Tehbot (fred.tehbot_at_alt.linux.wet.blind-eye)
Date: 11/11/05

Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 22:06:32 -0600

Dustin Cook, <>, whose name means "owns an
encyclopedia of baby names; repressed alcoholic", denounced:

> [Edited, 2 newsgroups dropped; One left when request was noted not to
> post.] Sigh.

When you do things right, they come out right. Groups put back.

> Because Ie v5.5 has certain exploits that IE6.0 does not have.

Is that the real reason?

> IE: If your surfing with the intent of collecting live samples, it's
> sometimes nice to fool something into doing a driveby install, if it
> thinks your using a compliant browser.

If you're wearing those sandals to the club, I'm not going.

> You don't try baiting programs much do you?

Do you know about Google?

> Well, I suppose that's something you wouldn't know how to do, nor would
> have any interest in doing.

I would not know how to do? How, allegedly, Cook?

> That's a side effect of my vx days, I think alot of ex vxers suffer from
> it.

Well, maybe you were mistaken.

> We can't help it.

It's handy, in case you didn't know.

> Oh, and in case you missed it, for some silly reason, When I say "We" I
> usually mean the group, Vxers.

It's just like music. You have to build up a following.

> Not just myself.

Just eat red meat.

> Thanks.

Thank goodness.

> I'm saddened that I actually had to say something about that.

I don't want to say anything about that.

> I didn't think my grammar was that bad.

You didn't think your grammar was that bad? Bullshit. I don't believe you.

> Umm.

You're angry at your mother for not feeding you. That's what everyone's
angry at.

> Would you mind showing me where I said I couldn't install a font?

Illogical. You typed that, Cook. Or are you a physical as well as a mental

> Would you mind telling me how exactly you uhh, install one?

Some say I have an ego, but I am just too awesome.

> Silly me, I thought I just had to copy them to the windows/fonts folder.

Who told you to think, Cook?

> You mean they have to be installed?

I meant exactly what was written, Cook. What you think it means is
irrelevant, as are you.

> Pfft.

I fell in love with a banana and married it.

> *grin* Hey, I use to access usenet, I've already screwed
> up and attributed comments to the wrong person.

Anything you write on usenet is public property; you never know where it's
going to go; so be careful what you write.

> Whats your excuse?

Why are you always making excuses?

> IE: I haven't mentioned anything about any fonts, other than in this
> reply.

You should have.

> Ie: You just lectured the wrong individual about uhh, installing fonts.

Not possible. I am always right.

> *shy grin* We were discussing the headers, I wasn't interested in his
> font issues.

Why were you not interested in his font issues?

> You mean you've been trading shots with me for someone elses comments
> this whole time?

I meant exactly what was written. What you say it means is as irrelevant as
you are.

> heheheh...

You didn't get a chance.

> Oops.

Make yourself useful. Die.

> Damn, And I thought I somehow pissed you off when I said the headers
> could be forged if you wanted to bother.

Why do you repeat yourself so much, Cook?

> Really, I haven't said anything about That's the point, sadly.

Have you ever said anything about that point?

> All you seem to be able to do is flame.

Whose flaming? Are you worth flaming?

> I'm not interested in flaming with you or anyone else.

Whose flaming? I thought this was just a friendly chat between doctor and
patient; you being the patient, Cook.

> Discussion is fine, technical discussion is even better.

Better not to generalise. Be specific.

> Specifically on viruses/worms and spyware.

Computer companies should change the instruction 'Press Any Key' to 'Press
Return Key' because I canít ever find the 'Any' key.

> If you just want to flame, then I respectfully waive my white flag and
> surrender.

Whose flaming? I thought this was just a friendly chat between doctor and
patient; you being the patient, Cook.

> Regards, Dustin Cook

I've got a butler. [Disparagingly]

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