Re: FBI Monitoring Your Computer And Reading Material re. Patriot Act

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Date: 11/11/05

Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 18:19:13 -0500

Hairy One Kenobi wrote:

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>> > Lucky for you which side of the Pond you're on.. the latest Bill being
>> > debated in the UK Parliament is to detain people for 90 days without
>> > charge so that (in the words of Hazel Blear on Radio 4 this morning)
> "the
>> > police can check internet records etc. to try and locate evidence".
> After
>> > they've been arrested.
>> >
>> > Aside from getting rid of that old-fashioned "innocent until proven
>> > guilty" thing, they've also added clauses to suspend the right to trial
>> > and for free elections. (Getting rid of juries is in a different Bill)
>> >
>> > George Orwell's real name was "Blair". Go figure.
>> These things make me very nervous. On, one hand I agree with giving power
> to
>> the authorities to track down people who have committed serious crimes
> but,
>> I also feel you should never sacrifice individuals rights either. I admit
>> this is a "tight rope walk" but, there needs to be some supervision for
>> there are too many rights being revoked....
>> It is a shame that the UK is going in the same direction of the US...
> Wow! We actually agree on something! ;o)

Yup (I was surprised also)...

> Just as an update, the initial proposals were overturned by a
> mini-rebellion of MPs. The brings the average amount of backbone in a
> Labour MP to 2.75 inches.

What is MPs?

> H1K