Re: Privacy.LIE scamming you again!

From: Max Burke (
Date: 11/07/05

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 17:45:22 +1300

> Hairy One Kenobi scribbled:

>> "traveler" <> wrote in message

>> If you would like to try something that's more than a "revealer",
>> that can safely remove the root kit for you, if in fact you want to
>> remove it rather than keeping it, that's a safe product and produced
>> by a leading computer security company, that's free to use until
>> January 1st, 2006, then go to the general technology section at:
>> Or just keep what you have, just don't delete anyhting.

> ..or just go to Windows Update and run the Malicious Software Removal
> Tool.

Totally different situation, and the MSRT is incapable of finding let alone
removing rootkits.....
The reason for that is because Microsoft did NOT design/program the MSRT to
find/deal with rootkits.

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