Re: Running program files on XP with non-executable extension?

From: Leythos (void_at_nowhere.lan)
Date: 11/04/05

Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 11:12:53 GMT

In article <>, says...
> Leythos <void@nowhere.lan> wrote:
> > In article <Xzvaf.1600$5R2.518@trnddc08>, DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net
> > > >> As I said, I've been in the vx side for many years. I'm well versed on
> > > >> both aspects of it, from antivirus perspective as well as vx
> > > >> perspective. I'm not giving my opinion per say, I'm giving that of the
> > > >> general consensus of both the Av and Vx side of things.
> > > |
> > > | That's great for them and you - not being snide here, but, as I said
> > > | before, never seen a false positive on more than 1500 systems, and we'll
> > > | continue to use it scanning all files on access.
> > >
> > > { just to stir the pot a bit... }
> [...]
> > Which does not change the fact that I've not had the experience of false
> > positives
> The reason could be little experience, or assuming that all the alerts that you
> saw were true positives, without confirming that they are indeed. Your
> assertions do not sound credible.

I agree, if I was some slouch, I would think it not credible too, but as
I've been doing this type of work since the mid 70's, I would think that
I know a little about security by now :) I've designed everything from
small 5 node SOHO's to 400 node medical centers, of all the ones we
manage, not one has been compromised, and I've only see a virus on two
that we didn't manage, but that was due to letting a unclean laptop into
the network, none of the other nodes were compromised.

As for alerts of any type, they are always checked against two or three
AV products, so I feel comfortable that my statements are true on our

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