Re: Off topic MPAA looks to bolster its dominance by plugging the analog hole

From: Imhotep (
Date: 11/03/05

Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 21:41:43 -0500

Winged wrote:

> Not really sure how this will stop someone with appropriate technical
> training, but seems like this is designed to make everyone pay (there is
> a cost associated in product integration) to protect the rights of a
> few. Seems like someone else has looked at the same things I have and
> has realized that they have a huge hole and also seen that
> technologically the signal can be removed.
> I still do not understand why someone believes this law will stop a
> determined thief, even with the HDTV format change, but I do object to
> someone adding costs to every recording capable system manufactured to
> protect the rights of a few. This cost extrapolated has to be in the
> billions.
> According to ARS technica they are actually going to propose this as US
> law.
> I thought some here would find this interesting.
> Winged

...excellent articles...Now do you guys understand my disgust with DRM and
the MPAA and the others?