Re: Sony DRM Rootkit

From: Winged (
Date: 11/02/05

Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2005 19:37:44 -0600

nemo_outis wrote:
> Here's a shocker: rootkit installed by Sony!
> Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far
> rights.html
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I read this earlier today. I found it an excellent tutorial on running
critters to ground. It is good work.

The nested driver is an interesting trick, that has other applications.

I question whether under the DCMA Sony can be prosecuted, even under
California law as some of the blog commenters suggest. While Sony I
believe may have avoided legal entanglements in the US due to clauses in
the DCMA which overrides state law, it is morally contemptible.

That said the measures can be bypassed easily and avoided if one is
conscientious of the issue. I believe the lesson here is WinX users
should turn off auto play, copying just the music files off original
disk an burn them on a backup disk, then use the backup disk. I will
consciously avoid Sony products, not only music, but for all Sony
product lines, both business and personal,(Only wish I could do same for

Sony is without honor.

Company behaviors should always be considered before any purchase.

This is not the first scum behavior I have seen with Sony. I had a VIAO
desktop a few years back, where they had clipped the jumpers on the
mobo, where the system could not easily be upgraded (I did, but required
a soldering iron), though the motherboard was fully capable of the upgrade.

While I am only one, it will be a cold day in a very warm place, before
I knowingly purchase another of their products, irrespective of turn
around in company policy. I suspect there will be a backlash to this
behavior that Sony will reap, for many years to come.

While I am not an activist, this is a very good reason to lobby
legislators to roll back DCMA protections. Easy E-mail for US
legislators of your state can be found here: