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From: Hairy One Kenobi (abuse_at_[
Date: 10/28/05

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 13:09:44 GMT

"Matt Silberstein" <> wrote in
> I just sent an email to someone with the sig you see below. The second
> URL,, is banned by AOL. My first reaction was
> that there was something political involved. But it is probably
> because of someone else on their network. I know that the answer is
> no, but is there some way to check this? (And what am I doing asking
> question for which I know the answer? Because I could easily be wrong.
> Or, to put that better, I am wrong, but I don't always know what I am
> wrong about.)

They filter. Nowt you can do about it.

They even managed to make the front page a few years back, by banning
Scunthorpe Council's web site (because of a word-within-a-word).

This was considered particularly amusing at the time, because it was hosted
by... AOL.

Hairy One Kenobi
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