Re: Is there way to stop a keyboard logger intercepting my keystrokes?

From: nemo_outis (
Date: 10/24/05

Date: 24 Oct 2005 13:42:56 GMT wrote in news:cqsol11qeh4j1q6a9lnr3j2celjk2ovjq5

> Hi all
> I have some data and programmes on a USB flash memory device and this
> is encrypted on the device. Is there anyway of preventing a keyboard
> logger from seeing the password that I am typing to open up the
> encrypted data on the USB device. I use this device on various
> computers not under my control.
> Many thanks

It's very much like the affordablity of yachts: if you have to ask...

If you are worried about what a keylogger might do, then you obviously do
not have continuous control and custody of your computer. Without physical
security you are lost - (almost) nothing can compensate against a
sufficiently skilled adversary. Even limited or inept adversaries can do
much to compromise your security if they have physical access to the
machine and environs.

Hardware keyloggers must be detected physically by inspection. That means,
inter alia, opening your keyboard and looking. Do you know what to look
for? Or video or audio surveillance could have been put in place. Do you
know how to check?

Software keyloggers are much easier, but not necessarily trivial. The
surest protection against them is full OTFE HD encryption. The alternative
of looking for them after the fact is a much inferior method.


PS There are a number of makeshifts that can be used such as applying
tamper-indicating seals to the keyboard and computer case. Sadly, these
asre insufficient to stop even a moderately-skilled opponent (see, for
instance, the Los Alamos studies re tamper indication devices).

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