Re: Security Suites?

From: Robsten (
Date: 10/24/05

Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 05:12:58 GMT

Skribent 2005-10-20, Cathy De Viney :
> I have read lots of reviews on the various "security suites"
> available, and
> all seem to have some good features and some that are not so good.
> So
> rather than go with a "suite" I am interested in choosing a "best"
> assortment...with the thoughts of "biggest bang for the lowest buck".
> I am
> hoping that some of the experts here will help me with suggestions or
> feedback. I have tried several and here is what I am leaning
> towards:

> Bitdefender v9.0 Standard (3 years for $55.95)
> or
> AntiVir (free)

> Outpost Pro v3.0 ($40)

> Webroot Spysweeper v4.5(2 years for $30)...already bought this one
> and Microsoft Antispyware (free)...seems to run fine alongside
> Spysweeper

> MailWasher (free)

> Thanks in advance for any help!

I use Antivir along with Sygates firewall, I also use Antidot as a
secund opinion. I prefer Pestpatrol, I don't like Microsofts
sntispyware, I also use Spyboot's Seartch & Destroy.

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