Re: Wireless security

From: Unruh (
Date: 10/11/05

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    Date: 11 Oct 2005 04:49:59 GMT

    John Hyde <> writes:

    >> WEP128 is broken, it's not even worth thinking about anymore.
    >> Juergen Nieveler

    >Thanks for the reply. I'll be trying to find a firmware upgrade for the
    >laptop since it is built in. If not, I'll take the advice of finding an
    >alternate card.

    >I did find this interesting quote about WEP.

    >"WEP is better than nothing

    >If you can't use WPA, perhaps because you can't afford new base stations
    >and Panther upgrades for all your laptops, at least enable WEP, feeble
    >though it may. There is an old joke about two guys hiking in the woods
    >who spot a mean looking grizzly bear heading their way. One of the
    >hikers takes off his back pack, pulls out running shoes, and starts
    >putting them on. The other says "You idiot, you can't outrun a hungry
    >bear in the woods." The first replies "I don't have to outrun the bear,
    >I only have to outrun you." Even minimal security may be effective
    >against snoops who have plenty of unprotected targets to choose from.
    >Use the higher, 128-bit security setting, if possible, and change
    >passwords frequently."


    That depends on whether or not someone wants to target you. do you have
    competitors who you would rather not have on your network? They do not care
    that the lumber yard down the street is easier to break into, they want

    Ie, if the bear wants you, for your red hat, being able to run faster than
    your friend is irrelevant.

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