Re: A question that has been asked a 100 times before

From: Imhotep (
Date: 09/28/05

Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 19:48:18 -0400

Amamba wrote:

> I'll still ask it, though, as I found lots of conflicting answers.
> I used to be running a Win XP behind Sygate f/w on cable modem.
> Open port scans were showing all ports as stealthed.
> I have recently bought a US Robotics 5461 router. I did not select the
> option to have it configured through Web connection.
> Now, port 80 shows as open. (I am using Sygate's SOS site).
> It is my understanding that port 80 is open on the router and not on my
> PC, and that all outside requests sent to this port would "die" in the
> router; is this assumption correct, or is this open port an issue ?

Check that your router does not allow configuration from the Internet...
> Another question: I set up Linux (Ubiuntu) as a second boot option. I
> know very little about it and don't yet know how to set up a firewall.
> Does the router itself provide enough protection ? Is there a firewall
> for Linux that is user friendly enough (i.e. has a GUI interface and
> doesn't require advance programming skills to setup) ?
> Thanks !