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From: Hairy One Kenobi (abuse_at_[
Date: 09/27/05

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    Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 09:42:35 GMT

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    > on 9/24/2005 4:46 PM Hairy One Kenobi said the following:
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    > > The judge appears to be acting as a complete arse, *but* that's with me
    > > knowing the exact wording of the law that was referred to ("immediate
    > > of irreparable damage" may be a technical phrase)
    > >
    > The phrase "immediate threat of irreparable damage" is indeed a term of
    > art. The lawsuit alledges that the credit card company is required to
    > follow the California law, then asks for an order that would require the
    > company to do so with respect to the compromised accounts (an
    > "Injunction") and then asks for a _preliminary_ injunction requiring the
    > company to do so without having the opportunity to defend the case at
    > trial. More on the term of art in a moment.


    Thanks, John - very informative for someone not used to US terminology!


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