Re: risks of using a router without a firewall

From: David H. Lipman (DLipman~nospam~_at_Verizon.Net)
Date: 09/15/05

Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 23:54:03 GMT

From: "Hairy One Kenobi" <abuse@[]>

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>> On 2005-09-14, Doug Fox <> blabbed:
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>> Make sure you change the default password.
| Excellent point. <slaps self for not pointing this out>
| H1K

One can also state that you should also...

Disable remote upgrade and management.
Then you can't even get a login screen from the WAN side nor be able to update the FirmWare
from the WAN side.

Different Routers will have varying options and may describe the above using alternate text.