Re: Firewall / AV choice?

From: John Hyde (
Date: 09/13/05

Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 17:13:47 -0700

John Hyde wrote:
> I have a new (to me) laptop running win XP Home. On other machines I
> have used zonealarm freeware firewall and norton utilities for AV. I
> know there are concerns with norton being bloatware. Since I have to
> purchase a license for something for AV, are there opinions about
> zonealarm's AV abilities? Other suggeations?
> (I expect there has been some discussion of this on the list, but I have
> not been monitering this list for about a year. thanks for your
> indungence)
> Thanks
> John

Thanks to all who replied. I went ahead and purchased KAspersky and it
seems to work fine. I'm a bit miffed at Zonealarm for being difficult
with KAV, but that's another thread.

Thanks again,