Re: Linux Question

From: GuessWho (
Date: 09/10/05

Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 09:08:01 GMT

There is a version of Debian Linux marketed by Linspire (
They are at version 5.0.059 with fully supports AMD 64 processors although
only at 32 bit. Although I don't have a link, it can usually be downloaded
for free. You have to go through the purchase process and then enter a code
which deducts the purchase price. Try the Linspire site.

Linspire also has a feature they call CNR which features a fully automated
download and install of a fairly large selection of software - most of which
is free. There is a charge for the CNR service but you usually get an
initial month free. After that, if you want to continue, there is a monthly
or yearly fee.

After you download the file, you can 'burn' it to a CD. Make sure you select
burn as an image, or some such language, when using Nero. I'm not sure if
the Roxio product has this option, but the burner included in XP doesn't.
After you've burned the image just pop the disc in your drive and assuming
your BIOS is set to boot from CD-ROM as the first option, just sit back and

There is an option during setup to either take over the HDD or use a
portion. If you use the portion option you can then have a dual boot system.
However, this option may only apply to XP OSs.

Linspire also has a "live-CD" version of the OS. This allows you to run from
the CD without installing anything on your machine. However, if you go this
route you may be limited to the software that is included on the disc. Also,
I'm not sure if the "live-CD" version is free.


"Zilbandy" <> wrote in message
> Everytime I visit a linux site with the thought of maybe
> downloading a version, I see lots of downloadable files, but nothing
> straight forward enough for me to feel like I'm doing it right. Is
> there a version of Linux with a GUI that's free, easy to download and
> foolproof to install? I know from my own viewpoint, if it was easier
> to figure out the installation procedure, I would be willing to try
> it. And, for those who would be calling me lazy, you're right. I'm
> perfectly content with Windows, so Linux has to intice me somehow.
> Making installation simple would be a great start.