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Date: 09/06/05

Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2005 23:27:17 GMT

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> > Admittedly I'm not a big gamer. But I do feel that such software could
> > made available for other operating systems. Mind you, Micro$oft would
> > probably file lawsuits...
> First the issue of game software is pretty insignificant. I do not anyone
> who relies on M$ Windows for gaming software. All of the people I know use
> a gaming console like the PlayStation, etc, etc...

Erm.. take a look around. I'm not a big gamer either, but for the 99.997% of
peeps who really don't give a shit about PC security, that just ain't the

OK, so I'm probably exaggerating - call it 94% of all "PC" users, and we'll
call it "evens" ;o) There are undoubtedly Mac gamers...

Dare I say it, but - I would guess that a lot of your friends might be a
little more techie than the average.

They probably have a dedicated games console, for the simple fact that
(besides one obvious, proprietary choice) there're just ain't no commercial
games for Linux.

Please don't drag me into the details - most of my stuff had to be hacked to
work under anything other than plain DOS. I like my games (strokes treasured
CD, Dr. Evil stylee ;o)

If I needed a particular platform then I'd run it (still have an old
DOS-based CD that I really must install on a VM; unfortunately, the upgrade
from VMware 3 to 4 is a bit, well, pants). At some point that 98SE CD /will/
see daylight once more :o) The average user has one platform (recount: just
one) that does everything. Ask 'em to give up "Ferret Bugger 4 - Lots of
Action in Short Trousers", and they'll just laugh. They have "email" and
"the Internet" and "the office", all happily sitting on their PC.

Exactly what would you say to convince them that a major change would be
better? Bearing in mind that they'd no longer be able top get "tips" from
their mates down the pub, their company, or their favourite newspaper.

I am not defending this; it's simply that the default desktop platform is
Windows-based. The closest that *nix world has is Wine. And that wouldn't
even run the installer for the (truly DOS-based) X-Wing. Although it /will/
run my own little MiniFrame <smug glow ;o) >

If we're going to argue games, then let's start with the absolute basics.
Both Star Trek & Zork were available around thirty years ago. Totally
text-based (I first tried both on the Commodore PET), they must surely be
available on *nix, free of charge.

Over to you for links..


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