Re: Hidden-code flaw in Windows renews worries over stealthly malware

From: Moe Trin (ibuprofin_at_painkiller.example.tld)
Date: 09/01/05

Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 14:56:50 -0500

In the Usenet newsgroup, in article
<TmvRe.97175$>, Imhotep wrote:

>Yes, I agree with you. The registry was intentionally made overly complex
>as to force companies to become a "Microsoft partner". In doing so, it has
>augmented into a sloppy beast ripe for hackers/crackers.

It's also one massive single point of failure. If it gets trashed for any
reason, your box is setting there totally screwed. At least with the Mac
from that era, if it couldn't boot, it gave you an icon of a sick looking
computer and asked for a boot floppy.

>I still the the old Linux/Bsd way: A simple configuration file the you can


>edit with any text processor. Clean and simple...


[compton ~]$ wc -l /etc/
   1490 /etc/
[compton ~]$

When I started using Linux in 1994, I probably wasted a day or two trying
to read the stupid boot scripts. Miquel van Smoorenburg started that mess,
and others took it and ran with it. The guys REALLY knew the nitty-gritties
of Bourne shell scripting, but they absolutely flaunted it. Eric Raymond's
quote "Elegant code is not only correct, but visibly, transparently correct."
was NOT followed. And yes, I do know something about shell scripting, as
I've been using UNIX since 4.1BSD (and I _still_ hate csh).

As far as editing with "any text processor", you do have to be aware that
some "user friendly" editors (pico - the skript kiddiez friend is one
example) auto-wrap lines longer than 70-odd characters at a word break,
and that will screw up your day just fine.

        Old guy