Why Kaspersky?

From: nemo_outis (abc_at_xyz.com)
Date: 08/28/05

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    Date: 28 Aug 2005 20:21:21 GMT

    To see why Kaspersky is arguably the best antivirus program out there check


    Note that its undetected percentage, 0.72% is nearly *three times better*
    than the next best program (AVK 2.07%).

    The latest Kaspersky programs (version 5 series) do use a controversial
    feature, istreams, which places data in an alternate data stream attached
    to each scanned file on an NTFS partition/drive. This feature can be
    *disabled* if the user prefers (the location is not obvious, however!) and
    any already tagged files can be untagged with the utility klstreamremover
    available from Kaspersky (or using third-party tools such as the excellent
    ADS uninstaller that comes with Hijackthis).


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