Re: Kazaa: UPloading to someone else

From: Joachim Schipper (
Date: 08/18/05

Date: 18 Aug 2005 10:36:00 GMT

Winged <> wrote:
> Joachim Schipper wrote:
<On the topic of uploading via Kazaa>
>> If you know the other party, tell him/her to run an FTP, WebDAV or
>> similar server. If not, well, there's no legal way to do it...
>> Joachim
> Take a lot at some of the viruses that used to infect that network. I
> haven't looked at it in recent years, I know there have been some
> changes since I looked, however the method utilized the same mechanism
> that showed what files were available on other machines. They didn't
> require overt user action for the virus to spread. This may be changed
> now, shrugs, Our users are not allowed to use these file sharing
> networks these days.
> Winged

That's why the word 'legal' is in there. ;-)