Re: US Gov looking for input about IE ONLY pre-patient web site...

From: Imhotep (
Date: 08/14/05

Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 19:39:04 GMT

Management wrote:

> Jim Watt wrote:
>> Many electronic banking packages are restricted to IE because
>> of its security features.
>> --
>> Jim Watt
> Now that just is not true, it comes down being lazy and cheap. In
> fact at least one US government security agency has advised people
> to use 'alternative browsers', meaning Firefox, Opera, etc.
> My wife & I have a number of US & UK bank accounts between us that
> are very happy to accept accept Firefox. Not forgetting Amazon,
> eBay, paypal and every site that I've bought from.
> With IE's position being gradually eaten away we will see all sites
> having be able to deal with Firefox, etc.
> Quite simply a sensible website designer will design his/her site to
> be compliant with web standards - that is not use any IE specific
> coding (no ActiveX) and not use Frontpage to create it. That way the
> designer can be sure that the site will render correctly in all
> graphical browsers.
> Charlie.
> PS: this is my last response to you Jim lad as it seems to me that
> you just like to argue blindly. Hope the sun is shining on you in
> Gibraltar :)

That is very true. I worked for the DOE for a while and we "highly
recommended" NOT using IE...