Re: Group tries to hold MS responsible for crapware apps and oses

From: Imhotep (
Date: 08/11/05

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    Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 22:00:55 GMT

    optikl wrote:

    > Imhotep wrote:
    >> optikl wrote:
    >>>Jbob wrote:
    >>>>Interesting! So if I go to your house, break your windows to gain
    >>>>access and rob you blind, are you gonna sue the manufacturer of the
    >>>>glass because
    >>>>it was breakable? Well no you of course!! Hypothetical.
    >>>>Now apply that to ones car, or front door, etc.
    >>>The argument is much along the lines that other products will warrant
    >>>their products fit for a particular use. Now, if you misuse it....
    >>>Microsoft would have a tough time right now warranting their product fit
    >>>for a particular use, given the unfortunate security flaws continuing to
    >>>be uncovered. Your argument above, while it's probably a good analogy
    >>>for something else, doesn't apply here.
    >> Microsoft would not warranty their product because that would be they
    >> would have to test it before releasing it.
    > They do test it; just not sufficient enough to find all the security
    > flaws and correct them. The reason they get away with this is because
    > users let them. Microsoft customers continue to reward Microsoft by
    > buying their products (and in fairness to Microsoft, lots of other
    > software vendors copy this business model) in spite of the long history
    > of embedded security flaws. In fact, many are happy to participate as
    > beta testers, hoping they'll get to find something amis, before it's
    > released. As long as folks continue to tolerate the current Microsoft
    > business development model, nothing will ever change. When Microsoft
    > home users start moving in droves toward other OSes, you will see a new
    > religion take form in the Church of Microsoft. Evolution occurs only
    > when unprecedent change repeats itself enough times to get noticed.

    Agreed. However, Microsoft is trying to force user to NOT have a choice.
    Look at the so-called "IP" laws. Look at what they do with protocols. They
    take a protocol modify it so it does not work with other standards then
    slap an "IP" claim on it. Why? To enforce that you need a MS Web browser to
    view an MS web site, etc, etc. All of this is to force people to buy their
    products. An the stupid "sheep" buy into it...

    In short software IP laws must go....IP laws allow companies to get fat and
    lazy because they shield them from competetors...IP laws also kill
    innovation...and will continue to.


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