Re: Symantec can detect you

From: Notan (
Date: 08/08/05

Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2005 18:17:53 -0600

"Stephen K. Gielda" wrote:
> In article <>,
> says...
> > Never paid a subscription ,never registered? Well it looks like they
> > put a stop to free-loaders who uninstall and then reinstall their
> > Norton software when subsription time comes. This used to make their
> > system think it was a new installation but not anymore.
> There is nothing wrong with them wanting to stop freeloaders. I also
> don't think they are doing it via spyware*, but instead a registry entry
> that isn't removed by the uninstall.

Actually, I think it's a file that's installed, with a name you'd never suspect.

On numerous occasions, with various kinds of software, I've (legitimately) had
to uninstall and reinstall. When doing so, I always make it a point to restore
a saved registry copy. And, almost every time, the software *still* knows when
I did my original installation.

Sneaky, aren't they? <g>