Re: Call for Windows IE 7 Boycott...

From: Colin B. (
Date: 08/05/05

Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2005 17:47:10 GMT

Hairy One Kenobi <abuse@[]> wrote:
> Usual HTML development procedure: decide what to write (often an hour or
> two), format it for use in IE (a couple of minutes, on my home-grown content
> management system), then try and work our which bits of Firefox don't work,
> or have stopped working, and try and find workarounds (open ended, often
> days)

Of course, the opposite would hold equally true.

> Not that I'm criticising it as an alternative browser, just that it's far
> from complete in supporting standards. Both browsers have some pretty horrid
> limitations.

This is true, although firefox is much closer to standards conformance than
IE. More to the point, firefox developers consider not complying with an
official standard to be a bug, and something that should be fixed (eventually).
MS does not take this view with IE, and that anti-standards attitude is a
good reason for a boycot.


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