Re: looking for a simple freeware hard drive encryption tool

From: David (
Date: 07/28/05

Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 19:24:29 GMT

Depends on if the OS is windows or a type of linux.

If it is windows, the easiest one is the one built into it, the EFS
(encrypted file system) which uses triple-des as the cipher algorithm,
and that is fairly secure.

If the OS is linux, then it is not so simple to do, but from what I have
tried and read, the most secure is a program called loop-aes.
Essentially you boot off a live linux-cd like knoppix and run the
program from there. If you want to have the HD encrypted while booted
into the OS, you have to recompile the kernel to add in some special
options, and make a loopback device that essentially encrypts/decrypts
data to/from the drive, which is no easy task to set up.

Encryption is not like what's in the movies. It's hard to setup, harder
to break, and not very sexy.


dex wrote:
> "Notan" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
>>dex wrote:
>>>"ruinz" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
>>>>dex wrote:
>>>>>i am looking for a tool to encrypt an entire hard drive
>>>>>or partitions.
>>>>>i am thinking of such a program:
>>>>>1) booting from a disk CD/Floppy with the encryption program
>>>>>2) encrypting all harddrives with this program
>>>>>3) transporting the hard drives
>>>>>4) booting from a disk CD/Floppy with the encryption
>>>>>5) decrypting the encrypted hard drives
>>>>>is there a simple free/commercial program?
>>>>>i know there are some encryption tools which can
>>>>>do something similar on the fly.
>>>>>but this tools need to be installed with the os and so on.
>>>>>i am looking for something simple as decribed. not tuching
>>>>>the os.
>>>>Earlier this month there was a small discussion on a few HDD encrypting
>>>>tools. Looking back through the headers it started on 7/7/05, you can't
>>>>miss it. I havn't actually done any encrypting on this level so I
>>>>cant help you out much more than that, but you might want to take a
>>>>at that thread until someone more knowledgable comes around.
>>>i have found the thread. but there is nothing what is similar to what
>>>i am looking for. i already know the most of the tools discussed.
>>>these tools are mostly commercial and you need to install them.
>>>i need something wiht a bootable disk and there is no need of
>>>on the fly encryption while using the hd.
>>>just something simple ;). if i would know how a hd + patitions + mbr
>>>are working, it would be only a matter of some hours to programm such
>>>a tool (a very basic). but i cant find a tool like this already done. :/
>>Have you looked at
> yes i have. thx. but this tool is much to complex. it is
> also a on-the-fly encrypton tool. :/
> i have already searched the inet again. have nothing found
> what would do the job.

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