Re: Does anyone recognize this?

From: ROBERT S AMP BA Drake (
Date: 07/23/05

Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 21:47:20 GMT

I agree, but think the reformatting and progressive installation of
soiftware and ghosting recommended by Nemo will get this user out of
trouble. Continuously reformatting and reloading all the software will
eventually send a user to the new computer store in frustration.
"Ashp" <> wrote in message
> nemo_outis wrote:
>> Ok, heads up all, including (especially) sysadmins:
>> I'm going to reveal one of my magician's tricks. And like all magician's
>> tricks it will seem really simple once you know it (but a deep mystery
>> otherwise). So don't scoff at its simplicity (I've **never** met a
>> sysadmin who realized the implications of this, although some were dimly
>> aware of it in terms of Dell, etc. having a "special" area on the HD).
> Fall to see any relevance to the users problem a. From the information
> given by the user this is just malware, no root-kits or 'hacking'
> involved.
> Ash.