Re: Does anyone recognize this?

From: ROBERT S AMP BA Drake (
Date: 07/23/05

Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 21:38:49 GMT


In the short term, I would reformat your drive and reload your operating
system. Follwing that, reload your necessary (only) software such as
Internet Explorer, Office software, etc. No games or any software that was
obtained over the net.

Purchase a copy of Norton Ghost and "ghost" your system to CDs. This will
make a mirror image of your hard drive. Should you reinstall the bad
software again, run Ghost and you will be back to where you were.

When you finally have everything just the way you want it - virus, spyware,
etc. free, Ghost it again.

Ghost will also rebuild your system on a brand new drive (should yours
fail) - it is excellent protection. Back up your document (non program)
files on separate CDs.

<> wrote in message
>I just connected to the net to download updates to my Norton Internet
> Security/Antivirus software - and that's when the problem started.
> I've just run adaware and spybot, re-scanned my PC for viruses, and the
> problem still exists.
> I have a feeling I am just going to have to re-format again - for the
> millionth time. Dell tells me that this could reduce the life of my
> hard drive. This is getting really frustrating.
> Is there a methodology I should be using after
> re-fromatting/re-installing windows that will protect me better? The
> first thing I do is install anti-virus software - but that requires
> connecting to the internet for updates. It's kind of a catch-22...what
> should I do?
> Thanks for your advice.
> Paula

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