Re: Security overkill?

From: Robsten (
Date: 07/15/05

Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 13:29:36 GMT

Författare David H. Lipman 2005-07-13 :
> From: "Louise" <>

>> Win XP Pro, SP2 with MS firewall turned off. Heavy home/office user
>> with cable ISP. Use Firefox 85% of the time. Use Outlook as my
>> email/pim.
>> I'm wondering whether I really need to run the amount of security
>> software I'm running or whether it's taking too much overhead.
>> I have a Linksys NAT router. I run Sygate Pro. I run Avast with
>> all the shields active.
>> I used to run Spysweeper only when I actually wanted to scan my
>> machine every week or so.
>> I've just switched to Spyware Doctor (was this a good idea?), and
>> I'm once again wondering whether I should leave it running "on
>> guard" all the time or whether it's unnecessary use of resources.
>> Any thoughts about Spyware Doctor and is it bloated - does it use an
>> inordinate amount of resources? Is it intrusive?
>> TIA
>> Louise

> The software sounds fine.

> However, I do suggest the you block both TCP and UDP ports 135 ~ 139
> and 445 on the Router.

> Depending on the model and version, the settings are at the following
> URL...

Why not block every port apart from them you use???

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