Re: Need Help With Pop Ups Spyware!!!

From: KH (
Date: 07/11/05

Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 22:03:51 -0400

First, make sure all of your anti-spyware software are updated. Once you
have done that, run all the scans, remove anything they detect. Also, look
into Microsoft AntiSpyware (formally GIANT antispyware), it's free for now
and does a good removal job of the spyware it finds.

If your willing to pay some money, buy spyware doctor or Webroot's
Anti-spyware (Forgot the name)

Also, it might not be spyware, but trojans that are causing this. Make sure
your antivirus is updated and run it. If you don't have one, Avast! and AVG
personal use editions are free and are available at

Finally, dump IE, and get a different browser. Netscape or Firefox will
work, both don't use activeX controls and both are free
Hope this helps
"T R" <> wrote in message news:apXze.3745$Zt.830@okepread05...
>I am running both the Google toolbar pop-up blocker and the one that I am
>pretty sure is part of Internet Explorer. I am running Spybot S&D, Ad
>Aware and just bought ScanSpyware and ran it. I am still having terrible
>trouble with pop ups even with all of this in place. Just closed 15
>windows. I have not had this problem until recently so I must have
>accidentally allowed something in that is giving ,me trouble. Someone
>please help!!! What should I do????
> TR

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