Avast questions

From: Louise (none_at_nospam.com)
Date: 06/25/05

Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 15:11:27 -0400

Running Win XP Pro SP1, Sygate Pro, a Linksys router and now, Avast Pro.

After removing Norton AV, I then had Kaspersky mess up my internet

I uninstalled Kaspersky and installed F-Secure. A few times, after a
program hung and I had to shut down, F-Secure didn't load properly.
Considering this too risky, I uninstalled F-Secure :-)

I have now installed a trial version of Avast Professional which seems
to be working very well and I have a few questions:

Avast says it checks for new virus definitions everytime you connect to
the internet. Since I have an always on connection (cable), I sometimes
don't reboot my machine, thereby reconnecting to the internet, for 2
days. Is there a way for Avast to check every few hours, or once a day,
regardless of whether I've reconnected to the internet?

The Professional version includes script blocking - the free home
version does not. It's my impression that script blocking is a good
thing to have - is this true or is it unnecessary? What are the
benefits of the Pro version?

Avast also runs the VDRB generator, "virus recovery database". Is this
worth the resources it takes or should I turn it off?