Re: Trojan horse Downloader.Generic.ML

From: Chris Salter (
Date: 06/22/05

Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 16:31:34 +0100

Art wrote:

>>If you are talking about ISPs giving out broadband access via wireless
>>you are correct. The topic however was about people cracking wireless
>>access points, routers etc so I assumed you were talking about. (ie.
>>people on ADSL/DSL/T?/E? wired connections sharing out using an AP)
>>If so then yes I am saying its impossible to stop customers using wireless.
> Why?

Obviously they could come around your house and check. Or they could
setup remote cameras/antennas to check. Not exactly cost-effective.

Go and find all the relevant RFCs (NAT, ethernet, wireless bridging) etc
and show me how they could detect it? To all intense purposes all the
ISP sees is the traffic from ISP <-> Router. (This isn't strictly true
of course. BUT routers could obfuscate the client data if need be or
you could use local proxies).

Chris Salter