Re: Hard Drive scrub

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Date: 06/20/05

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 08:06:24 -0400

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  I've scrubed one of my hard drives using an application that does multiple wipes followed by a final writing of all zeros to every sector of the hard drive.

  How can I verify that the hard drive has truely been scrubed before I send it offiste?

  Thank you

   Get a program like Diskwizard and do a full zero fill action on it.
  If you are really paranoid, do it several times. This overwrites all sectors, partition tables and boot sector, the entire disk surface.
  And if you are really really paranoid, get a variac (ac auto transformer) and plug your computer into it. Raise the voltage from 120 to 135 and do the zero fill program. The magnetic field on the write head will be higher thus obliterating all previous write overruns.