Re: Hard Drive scrub

From: Tetractys (farga_at_palenga.jengis)
Date: 06/19/05

Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 16:12:50 -0500

nemo_outis wrote:
> Tetractys wrote:

>> Do you have any references that show this method
>> has actually been developed as a forensic or data
>> recovery tool? I have not found any. All of your cites
>> refer back to the original NIST press release.

> I'm going to be downright cranky here;
> consider yourself forewarned.

I'm drizzling in my shorts already.

> Have you read the subject line of this thread?

Yes. And I've followed most of the sub-conversations
pertinent to that subject, such as methodology for
recovering of data after a hard drive scrub, to wit,
the one you mentioned.

> Have you noticed that it ISN'T about second-harmonic
> magnetoresistive microscopy?

Yes, I did notice that, but as I say, since you brought
it up as pertinent to the topic, I felt it appropriate to
ask if you knew of any recent, non-PR-related research
on the topic, since I couldn't find any beyond the
original press releases from NIST that mentioned possible
use of the technique on audio tape, with applications
in other areas "to follow."

> I made reference to the technique - briefly and in passing
> - as one example of exotic and esoteric methods which
> can be applied to HD data recovery ...

By whom? Where?

> I have made additional reference to it only because one
> mental defective ...

Some mental defects pertain to anger management.

> ... (a mental defective incapable of using Google ...

I used Google, and found no references beyond the
original 2000 NIST announcement that the technique
had been used to scan a NIST logo on audio tape, and
"could" be used in the future for other purposes. There
were other 2001 announcements that simply quoted
NIST, and some articles dealing with paranoia about
data security, quoting NIST presumably because the
words sounded scary and high-techy and were
associated a gov't 4LA.

> despite my original reference to NIST) accused me
> of making up the name out of whole cloth.

I missed that. I read a polite request for a cite showing
where the technique was actually being used. I haven't
seen any.

> But the technique does exist and can be applied to
> HD data recovery; that largely ends its interest for me.

Seems to me, since you're deep into the topic of tossing
old disk drives due to the risk of data recovery through
esoteric methodology, that you'd be very interested --
and knowledgeable -- about the topic. That's why I
inquired if you knew of any real-world application by
anyone who took the prototype process beyond the
NIST 2000 press announcement.

> NOTHING in the position presented in my series of
> posts depends on the [missing words] ...

I don't think anyone here, mentally defective or awed
by forewarning of crankiness, is suggesting your
position is dependent -- as if that should matter, anyway --
to any of your tangents. I, for one, am simply an interested
lurker who happened to read of a technique that caught
my eye, and wondered, as did the one you call a mental
defective, if you happen to know of its real-world use.

> If you are keen on the technique (although only &deity
> knows why!)

Because computer security and data recovery interest me,
and that's why I read posts here. Pretty simple, really.

> then you research it!

Well, research includes asking knowledgeable folks who
mention techniques in public forums if they happen to have
further information. That's what I did with you.

If I happen across any real-world applications or further
development of second harmonic magneto-resistive
microscopy, by NIST or anyone else, I'll be sure to let
you know.

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