Re: my email got hijacked by spammers :-(

From: Bit Twister (
Date: 06/19/05

Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 15:58:57 -0500

On Sun, 19 Jun 2005 20:02:18 GMT, andre wrote:
> Yesterday I noticed that some spammers had stolen my email address
> (info(at)aguntherphotography(dot)com) and used as a return address for
> spam emails. Now i got all these people upset at me.
> What can I do?

You stop spam emails by deleting the email account. email_usage_search_tag

> How can i prevent this from ever happen again?

1. Don't use it in web pages or a junk contact email address.

2. Munge it on Usenet where it shows up in the header of your post.

3. Tell everyone you give it to, to not store it in their address book
   where viruses/malware can steal it.

4. Tell them to never send you a card/joke/info from a web site.
   Just cut/paste and email it or just send the url to you.

5. Tell them not to give the email address to anyone and if anyone
   wants it, to send their address to you and you will send them the
   address with the usage rules.

6. Use different browser for surfing and verify your email address
   is not in the browser config settings.

7. Use a search engine to verify something like andri_gunthr@ is not
   already used by someone at anytime when picking an email name.

8. Get throwaway email addresses for any online ebusiness

9. Use different semi-permanent email addy for each bank you do business with.

10. Different addy for friends and family. That way you a chance to
    figure out who let the address out.

11. I got rid of the Microsoft OS so half of the problem of leaks goes
    away and I will not catch malware to compromise someone elses address.

12. Check if your ISP account/profile to see if there is a check box
    about sharing your info amoung their business partners.

13. Use a seperate email application where you can turn off java and
    javascript and email client does not call other apps based on what
    might be in an html email.