Re: Looking for a program to run on XP to remotely watch what my kids are doing, something like a keylogger. TIA!!

From: nemo_outis (
Date: 06/02/05

Date: 02 Jun 2005 17:28:29 GMT

Winged <> wrote in

Do I know who my children's friends are? Yes.

Do I follow them surreptitiously on the way to and from school to see if
they meet with anyone? No.

Do I have rules for whether and when my children do their homework and
chores? Yes.

Do I supervise them every minute while they do their chores and demand to
examine their homework each day? No.

I cultivate an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, knowing that that is
the best way to develop a sense of responsibility - and other core values -
in my children. I do not have to spy and skulk about to know what's
happening. I am well aware of my children's lives, their problems, their
sucesses and failures, their joys and sorrows, without having to stoop to
base, reprehensible, and despicable actions, such as spying.

Do my children sometimes mess up? Do they sometimes break the rules? Yup.
And I follow up with correction and punishment as required. Actions have
consequences and my children learn that. They learn that *they* are
responsible for their behavior and how their life turns out, not some
external enforcer who ensures they could never deviate from the imposed
path even if they tried.

I am there for love and support, and for guidance, correction, and
punishment, too, if that is required. But I am not there as a policeman,
I am not there as a jailer, I am not there as a spy.


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