Re: Looking for a program to run on XP to remotely watch what my kids are doing, something like a keylogger. TIA!!

From: c0ntex (
Date: 06/01/05

Date: 31 May 2005 15:09:40 -0700

Tory Brown wrote:
> Someone told me that there was an app out there similar to a key
> logger that would let you see real-time what your kids were doing on
> their computer, anyone heard of that?? Is there something similar that
> you suggest??

Yeah, it's called trust, I'd suggest discussing this issue with your
children rather than snooping on their activities.

If you have a solid reason to believe that their activities on the
internet / pc are against a sound moral or ethical base, then again,
I'd discuss this directly with them, rather than spying. I assume they
want to trust you as much as you want to trust them.