Re: Norton Ghost 9.0

From: Winged (
Date: 05/20/05

Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 21:52:39 -0500

Rock wrote:

> We use it in the test grop, because for some reason, I can't
> understand why, the software releases we do just seem to
> crash.....With ghost, the previous test image can be recreated in a
> few minutes so the crash can be easily duplicated and investigated.
> Sometimes we get evaluation software with timeouts, and it takes
> longer than the timeout to do the testing. Using Ghost, we just
> restore the image then reload the test software. It's easier than
> calling the company and trying to get a time extension.
> We use it on NTFS and FAT.
> Rock
For development work with applications Instead of ghost I recommend for
test purposes, a package called VMware. You can recover from a system
crash by closing the VM. To restore the system to virgin takes only
seconds. To create a group of virgins on the same machine to emulate
multiple network functionalities is a breeze and runs all MS OS packages
and Linux very well. You can do both NTFS disks or fat disks either in
RAM or on drives attached to the system. If you never have looked at
this as an alternative to ghost you should for development, it is so
sweet to test apps with various common application and configuration
variances looking for conflicts. It has the added advantage of being to
keep multiple point in time builds that can be examined interactively at
the same time on the same machine. I believe they still have 30 day
eval packages. It was the best $200 software package I have ever bought.

If you are writing drivers or other low level type apps then it probably
is not a great option, but most everything rocks.

It is nice to be able to build against all of the various MS OS packages
at the same time on the same machine. While the more memory the system
has increase the number of simultaneous VMs you can run, it is amazing
what you can run in as little as 512mb ram on at 2GHZ. As with
everything more is always better but it is nice to keep your prog
machine up while running prog build in separate vm dynamically. I can't
address their customer support, I have never used them.

I have got to the point where almost everything I do is inside a custom
VM designed for the task at hand, even the routine.


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