Re: any ideas how to stop this

From: Jon (
Date: 05/07/05

Date: 7 May 2005 12:29:32 -0700

>...choose a username that doesn't have your real name, but something
>close", but unlikely to be found in a phone book, or dictionary. If
>you DON'T plan on using it for mail (or only mail from a very limited
>number of people) choose a username of RANDOM letters/numbers. For
>the public usernames, I send the output of a random character
>generator (in UNIX, it's called /dev/random - microsoft hasn't
>invented that yet) through a binary to printable_character converter
>(uuencode, or mimencode) and use the first 8 characters of that
>string. That gives names like 'muUECA3N', 'wYW0xAJ1' or 'UbXPaOBD'

What would be the purpose of that? I haven't heard of spammers using
cracking software.


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