Re: "Trusted Computing" SCAM?

From: John (
Date: 05/04/05

Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 12:17:14 +0200

nemo_outis wrote:
> For the longest time I have been a fan of encryption to produce computer
> privacy and, more broadly, privacy in general. In fact, one of the areas
> in which I have been commercially active is financial privacy (and it has
> been a monumental struggle to avoid running afoul of the money laundering
> laws - especially since 9/11) (In my view money laundering is the "crime"
> of keeping financial matters private from the intrusions of government.)
> I pushed for full OTFE HD software encryption, and I still think there is a
> *major* role for hardware based encryption. So, I'm in favour of things
> like the TPM chip - but with one *gigantic* difference: I want the consumer
> to be in control rather than business.
> So, count me in favour of hardware encryption, but with the *consumer's*
> finger on the trigger.

I couldn't agree more...