Re: Is Grisoft AVG FREE adequate protection for my system?

From: nemo_outis (
Date: 05/02/05

Date: 02 May 2005 21:36:14 GMT

Babel17delany <> wrote in

> I will look into Avast.
> It appears from Vanguard's list that Norton & McAfee have the best
> virus detection rates.
> What's in a Name? wrote:
>> Babel17delany wrote:
>>> I am planning to remove Norton Antivirus 2000 from my Windows 98
>>> system because of some problems I believe it is creating.
>>> Specifically, I believe NAV is the cause of very delayed loading of
>>> certain programs, all of which contain an update option.
>>> I would like to know if those of you feel that Grisoft AVG FREE is
>>> an adequate protection for my system. If not, how is the paid
>>> version?
>>> Thank you.
>> You should look into using Avast-I have been using it for 3 years now
>> with good results-no infection,ever. I can't say the same for AVG
>> which I used before switching. There are some other tools you need to
>> keep your computer safe besides an AV. I have info and links on my
>> pages. One other thing,you should make a backup of important files
>> and then do a complete format and install of win98 to get rid of any
>> traces of Norton. -max

Kaspersky hammers them all. Moreover, Kaspersky is particularly good for
those who indulge in "high risk internetting" since it is excellent at
unravelling most packing schemes and other slimy tricks used to conceal


PS Kaspersky does have a clumsy interface but I can live with a few warts
since the engine is so powerful (and the updates are so frequent).