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From: Jay Calvert (
Date: 04/07/05

Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 23:01:55 +0100

Ian JP Kenefick wrote:
> On Wed, 06 Apr 2005 19:27:44 +0100, Jay Calvert <>
> wrote:
>>Habanero Networks is pleased to announce that it has aquired permission
>>to use the Ports List that has been compiled by Neohapsis and is now
>>incorporated into the new Open Port QuickSearch.
>>The Open Port QuickSearch is a new tool that allows those curious as to
>>what ports are listening on a computer, awaiting remote connections and
>>what is the application or service behind them. The Open Port
>>QuickSearch is incorporated with a tutorial on how to effectively find
>>the open ports, identify the nature, and to make an informed decision of
>>whether to allow the application or service to continue to execute.
>>This is the second tool in the last month that has been added to the
>>site, further enhancing the educational value and extending it's
>>resourcefulness to the reader. Last month Habanero Networks unveiled the
>>Startup QuickSearch, another handy tool for determining what
>>applications are starting up at system startup or user logon and whether
>>those applications are acceptable, a virus, spyware, adware or other
>>malware. All which the user might take action upon.
>>Habanero Networks has been working hard in the past few months to
>>further enhance the functionality and educational value of the site for
>>it's readers. There are plans to add more tools and to develop some
>>applications to further educate it's readers on keeping their computer
>>safe from viruses, spyware, malware and hackers.
>>For more information on the Open Port QuickSearch visit
>> or, for the Startup QuickSearch
> Yes, you told is this last month - spammer

No, I didn't, I just finished the pages tonight.

Jay Calvert

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