Re: Looks like it is time to remove Macromedia Flash player plugins from your computers.

From: winged (
Date: 04/05/05

Date: 05 Apr 2005 08:51:01 EDT

Richard Johnson wrote:
> In short, they can put back cookies, and malware after you have deleted it
> if you have the Flash player installed in your favorite browser. Just what
> will they think of next?
Thanks for the article. I no longer use flash due as I noted that sites
could bypass my cookie rules some time ago. This sounds even worse.

I have also noted that Quick Time plug-ins can also plant cookies
irrespective of contrary browser settings. While I may miss some sites
who have chosen to flash enable their site, I will live without visiting
those sites. I have quit using q-time as well, however of the 2 the
Macromedia plug-in behavior has several issues and I consider it more of
a threat.

I am not against legitimate advertising, however those who believe I
give up my right to control my asset because I happened to visit a site
that had their banner is ludicrous. There are some vendors who have
lost any possible future business with me due to their choice of
behaviors when advertising on the net, or the behavior of their website.
  There are several car companies that when i tried researching their
vehicles on the net for consideration, lost a potential customer.

In the business setting, one should review the Macromedia license
agreement very carefully. There is some very slippery language on both
their network deployable as well as with the "free" plug-in. You may
find that "free" plug-in very expensive if/when they decide to uphold
that agreement. Our legal group has been negotiating with Macromedia
for months trying to come up with an acceptable agreement, without

One should be very careful as to what plug-ins they allow, the more you
allow, typically opens up more avenues for compromise.