Re: Completely replace software firewall with hardware firewall?

From: Keith (
Date: 03/22/05

Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 19:46:55 GMT

i've never bothered with a firewall, especially since windows brought out
sp2 with the security center with a builtin virewall, whats the point in
getting any more
"Sandi" <> wrote in message
> Here in the UK, I am on NTL cable and have just one PC attached.
> My head is spinning with all the configuration rules and exceptions
> which need configuring for a software firewall.
> I thought I was doing ok with user guides like the section called:
> "Personal firewall configuration for cable modems"
> But it turns out that things are still more complicated than that.
> As an example, I installed Outpost and came across this advice page.
> Oh wow. It's all too much! :-) I just want protection without
> becoming an enthusiast or even expert in firewall configuration.
> QUESTION ONE: If I buy a hardware firewall then will it completely
> replace the need for me to have a software firewall? That would save
> me some headaches!
> QUESTION TWO: I might get a second PC and want to attach both PCs to
> the cable network at the same time. I have heard I can do it with a
> box which includes a hardware firewall as well as some other
> functions. But exactly what sort of box is it that I would need?
> Any suggestions about recommended hardware devices would be welcome.
> Sandi