Re: Block access to web pages

From: johns (
Date: 03/17/05

Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 00:52:00 -0800

> IE has 20 plus known vulnerabilities that are actively being exploited
> by various advertisers, spyware companies, and others of ill repute. (see

I don't. I actually know what I'm doing, and have a whole shitload
of computer labs successfully restricted to a local domain, or an
allow list of approved ( by me ) web sites. You guys with all the
jargon are about as valid as a Jr High School typing teacher.
Not one of those exploits has been able to crack IE 6 under XP
Pro set up the way I do it, and I can sit and watch them try.
Even better, I can also sit and watch the students in class try
to get out ( for more than 2 years now ), and they simply have
not been able to ... not once. Thing is, it is very easy to set up.
Your problem, is you buy in to the bullshit about exploits, and
never really question it. I simply break their backs, and they
can't touch my systems. A clue ... I don't "allow" the exe to
run .. or I aim it at a dummy proxy, and then I don't allow
the user to see the edit tab. It totally works.