Re: Software Makers Fight Spyware Blacklist, Murky Definition

From: Doug (
Date: 03/15/05

Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 14:05:57 -0600

Martin wrote:
> Joe Moore wrote:


>> When you say that there isn't any malware in Real VNC, I think you're
>> missing the point. Spyware detection should be based on the capability
>> and behavior of the program, not the suspected motivation of the
>> installer.
> I'd normally agree with you, but it's kind of hard when it comes to VNC.
> I've never heard of VNC trying to install itself from an ActiveX
> commponant, or just from clicking on a web page or through P2P
> It's huntable if you know what you're looking for, otherwise you'd never
> come across it accidentally.
> On their home page it states "The system allows several connections to
> the same desktop, providing an invaluable tool for collaborative or
> shared working in the workplace or classroom. Computer support within
> the geographically spread family is an ever popular use."
> It does what it says on the tin! So what else do people expect when they
> install it?

I think it's still valid to flag it - for one particular environment
that is. How about a multi-user computer? What if my wife has installed
VNC or something else on my home PC? I'd like a scanning tool to report
it and let me decide what to do about it.

It shouldn't alert her to my keylogger though ;-)