Re: How do I temporarily disable AVG 7?

From: charlie R (
Date: 03/14/05

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    Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 15:11:31 -0500

    Enable the Control Panel, and disable the Resident Shield, and uncheck
    everything "AVG" in msconfig startup menu. The new AV might detect
    it, anyway, so you might have to uninstall AVG to install the new one.
    I found that to be the case.

    charlie R

    "Franklin" <> wrote in message
    > How do I temporarily disable AVG 7?
    > I want to install some other antivirus software which I am told AVG
    > will most probably object to. So I need to disable AVG while doing
    > the other installtion.
    > The trouble is that I don't see any option to stop or exit AVG such
    > that it stops working.

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