Re: webroot products

From: Vanguard (use_ReplyTo_header)
Date: 03/13/05

Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 00:28:06 -0600

"David Shaw" <> wrote in message
> Interestingly enough, just this morning I was reading on
> that a spyware company (Spyware Assassin) I believe was convicted of
> giving false positives in order to entice users to buy their full
> product, and shut down. I'm sure Spyware Assassin wasn't/isn't the
> only
> company to do such a thing.

See and

Sanford Wallace, one-time self-proclaimed spam king, moved from spam to
spyware. He would distribute spyware and have sites with popups telling
users they were infected and had to buy his anti-spyware product. The
FTC opened a lawsuit against in in October 2004.

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